Women in Medicine Lead OSMA

As the face of medicine continues to evolve, the face of medicine’s leadership must evolve as well. OSMA is committed to promoting and supporting women in leadership roles.


Currently, 44% of OSMA’s Council members are female, including our President, President-Elect, and Immediate Past President.

In the coming year, OSMA will be shining a light on physician wellness. We’re developing resources and supports for medical practitioners who deal with more pressure than most on the job while still trying to balance home and social lives. Research continues to show that women take on the majority of the burden associated with home and family; and it is imperative that self-care be included in their routines.

Women bring a fresh perspective to the practice of medicine. Right now, we need your voices on regulatory issues, legislation that affects the practice of medicine in Ohio, and the supports you need in order to have a long happy, healthy career in medicine. We want to ensure that we are supporting you and your colleagues, addressing your needs, and shaping healthcare in Ohio in ways important to you.

Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks on OSMA’s Physician Wellness Initiative, and we encourage you to provide your thoughts on this and other topics to OSMA's Director of Member Engagement:
Email Chris Zimmer
Or Call Chris at 614-527-6754

The future is built by those who are at the table. We invite you to join OSMA today, take a seat, and be heard.