OSMA Responds to CVS-Aetna Merger


The OSMA is disappointed with the Department of Justice’s decision to allow the CVS-Aetna merger to go through. We believe that the creation of a company that potentially controls each aspect of the health delivery system isn’t in the best interest of Ohio patients and doctors. Ohio’s doctors are being asked to more proactively manage the care of patients to ensure high quality and lower costs. This requires assisting patients in accessing care in the most appropriate manner and the availability of comprehensive data in real-time. 

We believe the CVS-Aetna merger creates the potential to disrupt this process. On behalf of patients and doctors we will be closely monitoring the impact of the merger in Ohio and encourage practices to contact us with any concerns. Our advocacy efforts will include working with the Ohio Department of Insurance, the governor’s office and the legislature in the months ahead to evaluate the market and explore any Ohio-specific regulations that might be required. 

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