Medical Use of Marijuana in Ohio

House Bill 523, effective on September 8, 2016, legalizes medical marijuana in Ohio, and establishes the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program.
As with many other topics in the field of medicine that remain experimental, unproven and/or unconventional, it is essential that physicians have access to trusted sources for information. The Ohio State Medical Association is committed to sharing information from reputable sources so informed business decisions can be made. If legal advice or other expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought.

To recommend medical marijuana in Ohio, all physician applicants must:

  1. Hold an active, unrestricted MD or DO license from the State Medical Board of Ohio;
  2. Complete annually at least two hours of continuing medical education in medical marijuana approved by the State Medical Board, that will assist in diagnosing qualifying conditions, treating those conditions with medical marijuana and possible drug interactions. Courses approved in Ohio are listed below; and, 
  3. Obtain a Certificate to Recommend (CTR) from the State Medical Board of Ohio. (See below for application process.)
Full requirements for a certificate to recommend are outlined in: 
Ohio Administrative Code 4731-32-02.

To apply to the State Medical Board of Ohio for a CTR:

The State Medical Board of Ohio is now accepting applications for a certificate to recommend (CTR) under the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program. MDs and DOs with a full, unrestricted Ohio license are eligible to apply. Full requirements are outlined in HB523 and medical board rules OAC 4731-32, and include an OSMA-approved (see below) or OOA-approved, 2-hour CME course on the subject. There is NO fee for the CTR.

>> Apply at the State Medical Board of Ohio application website
(You will be required to upload your CME course certificate.)


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