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OSMA Nominating Committee Seeks Candidates for At-Large Council Seats

Are you interested in more actively participating in the work of the OSMA? The OSMA Committee on Nominations is seeking candidates to serve as At-Large members of the OSMA Council.

The Committee will nominate at least 4 candidates to fill 3 At-Large Council seats.

The term of office is 2 years.

The application deadline is Monday, December 2, 2019.

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The elections for this position will be held this year through statewide electronic voting. More information on this process will be sent to all members as we get closer to the voting window. Elections for President-Elect and Ohio Delegation to the American Medical Association will still take place in Columbus during the House of Delegates meeting the weekend of March 21 – 22, 2020.

The Committee is seeking diverse candidates who can bring varied leadership skills to the OSMA including, but not limited to: visionary leadership, financial management competency, experience with inter- and intra-professional relationships, interest in product development to meet physician member needs, population health, value-based payment methodologies and public health or health plan management.

The elected At-Large Councilors will join the remaining elected At-Large Councilors and Councilors who represent eight geographic districts, as well as a representative from the Organized Medical Staff, Young Physicians, Resident, Student sections.

The OSMA Council is tasked with providing strategic vision and direction to the OSMA, consistent with the OSMA mission to empower physicians, residents and medical students to advocate on behalf of their patients and profession. The Council meets four times per year, two of which will be in-person meetings, and two virtual meetings. The Council may hold additional meetings, most likely virtual meetings, as needed.

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If you have one or more of the leadership skill sets that the Nominating Committee seeks and you are interested in serving your professional organization, please fill out the application posted on the OSMA web site and submit at least one letter of recommendation (your reference(s) may be contacted by the Committee).

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