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Well-Being CARE is Making Headlines

Earlier this fall, OSMA President Dr. Brian Santin and OSMA CEO Todd Baker were interviewed by Medical Economics News in an article about physician burnout. In this, they highlighted the need for confidential resources and the progress being made by the Well-Being CARE Service. You can access this publication's articles

Made possible by the OSMA Foundation, the Well-Being CARE Service was launched at back in June of 2022. The user stats are staggering:

Thousands of healthcare professionals across
Ohio have visited

More than 100 healthcare workers have used the service. 

More than 30% have taken advantage of the referrals provided for mental & emotional health services.

Our goal is to make sure that all healthcare professionals across the state know about and how to access the free, confidential and anonymous mental and emotional health services of the Well-Being Care Service if they need it, when they need it. Thank you for your continued support as we work to reach all healthcare workers in Ohio.

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