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Ohio's Vaccination Legislation Summary


Over the past several months, OSMA has been on the front lines of the ongoing deliberations at the Statehouse regarding vaccines and employer requirements for vaccinations. Several legislative proposals have been in the spotlight recently that would limit how employers could require vaccinations, both COVID-19-specific and other vaccines.

As part of a coalition of organizations representing the medical and business communities, OSMA’s Advocacy Team has urged legislators to reject legislation that would weaken the robust public health framework that protects us from the adverse impact of many vaccine-preventable diseases.

Here is a brief refresher on recent vaccine legislation in Ohio, along with a summary of action on this issue in the past several weeks:

For now, due to the apparent impasse, it appears that the Ohio Legislature’s discussion of the vaccine requirement issue is at a standstill until further notice.

OSMA will continue to monitor the situation and report on any new developments should updates arise in the coming months. Should you have any questions regarding the current status of legislation, please contact the advocacy staff at


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