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June's Medical Board Meeting Recap


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Proposed Telehealth Rules

At its regularly scheduled Board meeting on June 8, the Medical Board reviewed comments that had been submitted to the Common Sense Initiative (CSI) concerning its proposed telehealth rules. The Board declined to accept most of the changes recommended by commenters. Importantly however, the Board accepted a recommendation made by several entities to change proposed rule 4731-37-01 (B)(4) concerning referral provisions—especially in emergent situations. Most of the comments were concerned with the referral options in (B)(4)(a) when a telehealth provider determines that an in-person visit is necessary to meet the standard of care for a patient that needs immediate, but not emergency department care.

The Board is now proposing the following language to address the concerns raised:

If a health care professional determines at any time during the provision of telehealth services that a telehealth visit will not meet the standard of care for the medical condition of the patient or if additional in-person care is necessary, the health care professional shall see the patient in a reasonable timeframe or make the appropriate referral to another health care professional to meet the standard of care.

Further, if the patient needs emergency care, the health care professional shall assist the patient in obtaining emergency care by doing one of the following: assist the patient in identifying the closest emergency department and, if necessary, notify the ED of the patient’s potential arrival; advise the patient to call 911 and remain in communication with the patient; or call for emergency services and remain in communication with the patient. Referrals must be documented in the patient record.

The above changes and additional clarifying changes in the telehealth rules package as updated will now be forwarded on to the CSI for ongoing review.

Medical Marijuana

The Board’s Medical Marijuana Expert Review recommended—and the full Board agreed—to decline the addition of autism and opioid use disorder as conditions for which medical marijuana may be prescribed.


For more information on this and other Board matters discussed in June, access the full agenda and meeting packet here:


The OSMA is actively following all of the medical board’s proposed rules. For more information, visit the medical board’s website at or contact the OSMA at


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