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We Need Your Help to Make the Prior Authorization Gold Card a Reality in Ohio!

This is an important time for healthcare in the Ohio legislature, as House Bill 130 was introduced—which, if passed, will create a Prior Authorization Gold Card Program for Ohio providers.

As you know, prior authorization has long been a legislative priority for OSMA and many healthcare advocacy groups.

Why? Streamlining prior authorization requirements will help all physicians and healthcare practices:

HB 130, if passed, will create a Prior Authorization Gold Card, where providers who consistently adhere to evidence-based medicine will be exempted from certain prior authorization requirements. 

Read the Press Release Announcing OSMA's Support >

How you can help:

Here’s how you can get involved and help drive meaningful change in the insurance industry:

“As physicians, we know prior authorization is an issue that impacts us, our patients and our practices every day. With the introduction of House Bill 130, the physician community has an extraordinary opportunity to make our voices heard and advocate for this issue that will have a tremendous impact on the practice of medicine. I’m excited to work with OSMA members and the healthcare community in Ohio to get HB 130 passed.”

– Dr. Brian Santin, OSMA President



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