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ODH Bureau of Vital Statistics to Replace Birth and Death Electronic Reporting Systems


The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) Bureau of Vital Statistics is replacing its electronic vital records systems with enhanced next generation systems. The Integrated Perinatal Health Information System (IPHIS) is used primarily by hospitals/birthing centers to report births, and the Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS) is used primarily by physicians to report deaths and by funeral directors to help complete death certificates. Local health departments use both systems, including to file and issue certified copies of birth certificates and death certificates.


The Ohio Department of Administrative Services has posted a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a vendor to replace both systems. A vendor should be selected by July. It is anticipated that the EDRS death module will be replaced first in 2024, followed by the IPHIS birth module thereafter.


“We consulted with numerous stakeholders who use the current systems prior to the completion of the RFP to identify desired features and capabilities in the new systems,” said Judy Nagy, Chief of the ODH Bureau of Vital Statistics. “We will continue to engage and seek feedback from stakeholders throughout the project planning and implementation process.”


Relevant state professional associations will be invited to participate in these stakeholder discussions. Anyone else who wants to participate should contact the ODH Bureau of Vital Statistics at

Currently, about half of death certificates are completed electronically through EDRS with the other half completed manually through paper death certificates. After the new EDRS module is implemented, all death certificates will be expected to be completed electronically through the new system.


“There are many physicians who only complete a couple of death certificates a year and choose to submit them manually,” said Nagy. “When we receive paper death certificates after replacing the EDRS module, we will follow up with those physicians to help and train them to begin submitting death certificates electronically.”


The new IPHIS and EDRS systems will be easily accessible from mobile devices which will give users greater flexibility regarding how and when they use the systems. The new systems also will improve the process of ordering birth and death certificates by the general public.

Prior to go-live for each new vital records system, ODH will hold training sessions for users.


IPHIS/EDRS users who have questions about these initiatives should send their questions to the ODH Bureau of Vital Statistics at



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