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Tort Reform in Ohio: 20-Year Anniversary Reflections


Provided by OSMA's exclusively endorsed partner for medical liability insurance, The Doctors Company.

OSMA Exclusive Partner, The Doctors Company (TDC) CEO and Chairman, Dr. Richard Anderson reflects on the history of tort reform in Ohio:

Dear Ohio physicians,

This spring we are celebrating the 20-year anniversary of Ohio’s passage of historic, meaningful medical liability tort reforms. This is a remarkable milestone.

Two decades ago, Ohio’s medical professionals and the Ohio State Medical Association played an instrumental role in passing reforms that stabilized its medical malpractice marketplace—essential for maintaining patient access to healthcare. Since those reforms became law, the state has enjoyed stable insurance rates. Perhaps even more notable, the state’s physician supply has increased by 22 percent.

The elements that make up the state’s medical liability tort reforms—noneconomic damage caps, statutes of limitations and repose, collateral source requirements, and good faith motions—have supported the quality and availability of healthcare. These reforms set a standard and present a model for other states.

As you know, advocating for our members has been at the core of The Doctors Company’s mission since our inception. We pledge to remain staunchly on the frontline with you to enact, preserve, and defend medical liability reforms.

Congratulations on this 20-year anniversary. This is a significant achievement and one to celebrate.  

Richard E. Anderson, MD, FACP
Chairman and CEO, The Doctors Company



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