Policy & Resolutions


The resolution deadline for 2020 is:
Tuesday, January 21, 2020.


Current Policies of the OSMA House of Delegates:

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When preparing resolutions to be submitted to the OSMA House of Delegates, please reference the guidelines below.Adherence to these guidelines facilitates deliberations of the Resolution Committees and the House of Delegates and ensures that the intent of the resolution is clear, concise and well-documented. Incomplete resolutions (i.e. without title, sponsor) or resolutions that contain inaccuracies will be returned to the author.

Submit Resolutions to resolutions@osma.org (preferred method)

Or mail to: Office of Executive Director\Annual Meeting Resolution
5115 Parkcenter Ave, Suite 200
Dublin, OH 43017
614-527-6763 (fax)


Submission Guidelines

1) File resolutions with the OSMA Executive Director at least 60 days prior to the Annual Meeting. An electronic (e-mail) version is preferred.  The OSMA will send confirmation of receipt.

2) Each resolution must have a sponsor and a title that reflects the action requested.

3) Check all supporting data, such as quotes, references to previous or other actions and statistical information for accuracy. Cite data sources as clearly as possible, preferably in footnotes.

4) Pay careful attention to grammar, spelling and sentence syntax to assure that the intent of the resolution is clear. Write in active voice and use the abbreviation OSMA for Ohio State Medical Association.

5) Include a fiscal note with all resolutions no matter how small the amount. Keep in mind that almost all HOD resolutions require some expenditure by the Association. Cost guidelines are as follows:

  • Resolutions with minimal implementation activities $500+
  • Resolutions that request governmental advocacy $50,000+
  • Resolutions that form an internal task force or join an external coalition $25,000- $500,000
  • Public education campaigns $100,000+

6) Review the OSMA Strategic Plan approved by Council that is also posted on the OSMA House of Delegates Resources page of the website. Resolutions should generally align with organizational strategic priorities. This does not mean that resolutions with subject matter outside of the strategic plan are inappropriate. However, the Strategic Plan is the guiding document, approved by the OSMA Council, to assist the OSMA with setting priority activities for implementation. Also be sure that resolutions align with OSMA’s mission, vision, values and as posted on the OSMA web site under About OSMA, Guiding Statements.

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