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We are bringing physicians together
for a healthier Ohio.

The Ohio State Medical Association (OSMA) proactively and persistently advocates for effective healthcare policy outcomes, provides professional development opportunities for physicians, and promotes useful resources that advance patient care and the medical profession. Established in 1846, OSMA is the leading voice of physicians, residents and medical students in Ohio.

“I have professionally benefited from OSMA membership through mentorship, networking, discounts on loan refinancing and access to products and services that improve my practice's performance and profitability.”

~ John Corker, MD

“OSMA is working diligently behind the scenes—making sure our collective voice is heard on timely issues for Ohio physicians.”

~ Jeffrey Leipzig, MD


A Message from OSMA's President:


Welcome to the largest physician-led organization in Ohio! We are a group of engaged and committed individuals Bringing Physicians Together for a Healthier Ohio. We are the most prolific and successful advocates for healthcare delivery in Ohio.

I welcome you to become engaged with us; help us help you. Lend your voice to shaping and strengthening the autonomy of physicians in Ohio. 

- Brian


Brian J. Santin, MD, FACS, FSVS, RPVI, CPPS
OSMA President


Latest News


Update from Our Summer Scholar, Noelle Thompson

Sept 12, 2022 - The Foundation is receiving updates from our 2022 Summer Scholars recipients regarding their progress, their internship experiences, and reflections on what is next in their medical career journey. See what Noelle Thompson is up to!


Information Blocking: New Requirements Taking Effect

Oct 4, 2022 – Starting October 6, 2022, the definition of electronic health information (EHI) in the Cures Act expands beyond the EHI data classes listed below to include electronic protected health information (ePHI) as defined by HIPAA.


HIPAA and Cybersecurity: Five Basic Questions Every Healthcare Organization Should Ask Itself Today

Oct 4, 2022 – Every physician practice and healthcare organization is a target for cybercriminals. No business is too small. When these events occur, it is important to take prompt and meaningful action to help mitigate legal, financial and reputation risk.


Dispensing Sample Medications: Patient Safety Strategies

October 4, 2022 – Dispensing free sample medications to patients is commonplace in medical and dental offices. With safeguards in place, it can contribute to improved clinical results and generate goodwill between the practitioner and the patient.

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