Medical Marijuana Updates for Ohio CTR Providers - Evaluation

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1. Following the last office visit by a patient, records used for the recommendation of medical marijuana in the State of Ohio must be retained at least for:
2. The most commonly submitted diagnosis for a medical marijuana recommendation in Ohio is:
3. Of the 25 Qualifying Conditions for medical marijuana in the State of Ohio, which category has the most diagnoses?
4. CBD (cannabidiol) is contraindicated in which condition?
5. Which route of administration is prohibited in the rules for the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program?
6. A 32-year-old woman has a history of chronic migraine headaches that are refractory to standard medical therapy. She would like to try medical cannabis as an alternative treatment. What is the most appropriate qualifying condition that can be used for her recommendation?
7. Which qualifying condition and registry designation can be used to increase the allowable purchase quantity of medical cannabis from a dispensary?
8. The clinical hallmark of cannabis hyperemesis syndrome is:
9. A patient presents for a medical cannabis recommendation with a pathology report indicating collagenous colitis and clinical symptoms of nausea, chronic diarrhea, and weight loss. What would be the best option for a qualifying condition?
10. A patient’s self-reported and self-diagnosis of a Qualifying Condition can be used certify a medical marijuana recommendation in the State of Ohio. True or False.
OVERALL (Scale: Strongly agree / Agree / Do not agree)
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4. Overall the webinar addressed what I hoped to learn
5. What other questions do you have about medical marijuana?
6. What has changed for you after hearing this information?
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