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Discussing the COVID Vaccine with Patients: Campaigns Physicians Can Use


This is a big moment in time for vaccines. As we honor World Immunization Week the last week of April, it seems appropriate to give a big thank-you to the many doctors, scientists, immunologists and healthcare professionals who make vaccines possible.

And now, after a year of experiencing COVID-19, the vaccine is giving us a real chance to stop the pandemic and resume some sense of “normalcy” in our lives.

As physicians, you play a key role in encouraging patients to get their vaccines. With vaccine supplies now available in many physician practices, there’s an even greater opportunity to not just talk to your patients about getting vaccinated, but to ensure they receive the vaccine right there while they are with you at their appointment.

To highlight the importance of vaccines for all Ohioans, OSMA has been proud to partner with Ohio business and healthcare organizations on a variety of campaigns, including “This is Our Shot” and “Take Your Shot.”

Below are details and resources from these campaigns that you can use as you talk to patients about the importance of getting their COVID-19 vaccination.  

This Is Our Shot

Since early on in the pandemic, OSMA has been proud to be part of the “Stop the Spread Coalition,” an initiative led by the Ohio Business Roundtable. With the roll-out of the vaccine, the Coalition has launched a refreshed messaging campaign encouraging all Ohioans to “take their shot” and get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Check out the Coalition’s website for resources you can use to inspire your patients to get their shot, including:

  • COVID-19 Vaccine Fact Sheets
  • Sample social media graphics and copy
  • Campaign video files

Take Your Shot

Now that vaccine eligibility has expanded to all adult age groups, it is critical that young adults understand why it is so important that they get vaccinated. After all, the sooner we are all vaccinated, the sooner we can get back to concerts, sporting events and social gatherings.

To speak directly to young adult audiences, the Ohio Department of Health, in partnership with OSMA, the Ohio Hospital Association, the Ohio Business Roundtable and more, has put together additional commercial spots. Feel free to share these with the younger patients and their parents in your practice:

In addition to the videos aimed at younger audiences, the group also continues to share stories from older adults about how the vaccine has impacted their life and helped them get “back to normal.” These are great messages to share with any older patients who may still be hesitant about getting the vaccine:

This next phase of the vaccine roll-out is so important to getting Ohio to the finish line in fighting COVID-19. OSMA continues to work to bring the latest in COVID-19 news and guidance to Ohio physicians. To learn more, visit

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