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National Women’s Health Month – Physicians Offer Tips for Female Health

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Each May, the healthcare community recognizes National Women’s Health Month to encourage women and girls everywhere to make their health a priority.

Women’s health has become even more critical in the COVID-19 pandemic. Increases in stress; additional responsibilities from juggling work, caregiving, remote school and more; and neglecting regular health checkups and screening can all take their toll on the health of women of any age.

We asked a few OSMA female physicians to share their tips for women everywhere to protect their health and get the care they need to live their most fulfilling lives. Here is what they had to say:

Don’t neglect your regular health screenings

• "We are fortunate to live in an age where medicine has progressed from reactive to proactive, but we can only be proactive if we do our recommended screening. We are now able to find and cure so many previously lethal diseases at the earliest stages and can completely cure them! So please see your doctor and do your routine screenings!"
– Dr. Lisa Egbert, MD, President of OSMA
Paragon Women’s Care, Inc.

"Because taking a little bit of time now, could save a lot of time later.  Health screenings catch problems before they become too big to handle.  We work hard to care for our patients, taking time out for a mammogram, pap, smear or colonoscopy could mean we have more time later to take care of our families and patients."

– Mary LaPlante, MD
The Cleveland Clinic - OB/GYN

Make mental health a priority

"Taking care of myself means I can be truly present for those I care about. It allows me to listen with more empathy and really hear what my patients are saying. It allows me to really connect, especially with those who need it the most. And it gives me tips to share, as I cannot encourage someone else to take a minute to de-stress if I am not doing it myself. When I encourage patients, it is also a reminder to myself. Gratitude and positivity are my top ways of staying on top of a rough day."

– Mary LaPlante, MD
The Cleveland Clinic - OB/GYN

Take small steps for big health benefits

"My patients and I often share the fact that we are full-time working mothers.  Exercise and eating healthy has to be on the terms of job and kids. It means being on the lookout for opportunity—to get outside, even for a moment or walk the dog just a few houses when time permits. I share the story of the patient who lost 100 pounds by walking—at first a few houses, and later for hours. I remind patients that there are a few basics: plant-based diet with adequate protein, activity and balancing calories. The rest is what works and makes you happy." 

– Mary LaPlante, MD
The Cleveland Clinic - OB/GYN

More information about Women’s Health Month can be found at the Centers for Disease Control.   

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