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Medical Board Meeting Recap for March


Medical Marijuana Update:

During the 2021 submission period, the State Medical Board of Ohio received nine requests to add additional medical conditions to the list of conditions that qualify a patient to receive a medical marijuana recommendation. The board’s Medical Marijuana Committee decided to move the petitions for autism spectrum disorder and opioid use disorder forward for expert review. The board will reconvene in May to discuss the expert’s opinions regarding whether to add the conditions.


Rules to Watch:

·       Weight Loss Prescribing Rules

·       Telehealth Rules

The medical board is in the process of considering stakeholder comments regarding changes to the weight loss prescribing rules and the telehealth rules. The board will meet in April to determine how they will proceed with the rules. OSMA has commented on, and is actively following both rule packages and we will provide updates as we learn more from the medical board.

In accordance with the new telehealth law, the medical board will to continue to suspend enforcement of its telehealth related rules, including those with in-person requirements, while the board amends or adopts new telehealth rules.

Visit the medical board’s website to view the proposed rule changes.


The next State Medical Board of Ohio meeting is April 13, 2022.



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