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Update from Our Summer Scholar, Kamala Nelson

Summer Scholars

The Foundation is receiving updates from our 2022 Summer Scholars recipients regarding their progress, their internship experiences, and reflections on what is next in their medical career journey.

Kamala Nelson  
Kamala Nelson

Tell us about your summer research program. What are you working on?

  • This summer, I am working with a general surgery resident in the Pritts lab to investigate specific storage bodies in endothelial cells called Weibel-Palade bodies, which release inflammatory and thrombotic factors, such as p-selectin and von Willebrand factor. We are hoping to further study the pathway by which these bodies are released through the use of different enzymatic inhibitors, such as calphostin C.

What impact has the OSMA Foundation Summer Scholars program and internship had on you and your research/career goals?

  • OSMA Foundation’s Summer Scholars program has allowed me to pursue this engaging, fantastic research opportunity that likely would not have been otherwise possible due to financial constraints. I have learned so much already this summer regarding specific laboratory techniques, experimental design, interpretation of data and application of results to clinical practice, as well as a general, fundamental understanding of the importance of research for the advancement of medicine as a field.

What’s next for your medical career journey?

  • I am not sure yet what specialty I would definitely like to pursue, but my experience this summer has solidified my interest in a career in surgery. My next exciting medical news is that our Medical Spanish and Latino Health Elective begins in June. I will begin my second year of medical school at the end of July.


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