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Update from Our Summer Scholar, Megan Sharpe

Summer Scholars

The Foundation is receiving updates from our 2022 Summer Scholars recipients regarding their progress, their internship experiences, and reflections on what is next in their medical career journey.

Megan Sharpe    
Megan Sharpe

Tell us about your summer research program. What are you working on?

  • Currently, I have been tasked with getting responses to a survey asking the people of Northeast Ohio their thoughts/attitude towards COVID vaccines now vs at the beginning of the pandemic. I am also drafting an OpEd on the importance of a healthy diet/exercise plan in overall health. I would like to expand it to include the importance of green spaces, feeling safe, and POLITICS/POLICY AS A SDH (so happy about this!). Finally, I've been tasked with helping to plan a health fair for the month of July 2022.

What impact has the OSMA Foundation Summer Scholars program and internship had on you and your research/career goals?

  • This program has really helped me get to know some amazing people within the NEO Black Health Coalition and to work within a very marginalized and underserved community to help connect or reconnect people to the healthcare system. This has been especially important to my experience since as I move into third year, I'll have much less opportunity to do this type of work.

What’s next for your medical career journey?

  • Next up will be third year rotations and hopefully making a firm decision as to what I want to do within medicine!


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