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Reminder: Electronic Prescriptions


Effective September 21, schedule II controlled substances must be dispensed upon an electronic prescription. Exceptions for oral or written prescriptions are permitted in the following circumstances:

  • a temporary technical, electrical or broadband failure 

  • the prescription is issued for a nursing home resident or hospice care patient

  • the prescriber is employed by or under contract with the same entity that operates the pharmacy 

  • the prescriber determines that an electronic prescription cannot be issued in a timely manner and the patient’s medical condition is at risk

  • the prescriber issues the prescription from a health care facility, which may include an emergency department, and reasonably determines that an electronic prescription would be impractical for the patient or would cause a delay that may adversely impact the patient’s medical condition
    (6) the prescriber issues per year not more than 50 prescriptions for schedule II controlled substances

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