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Advocacy Update: Responding to Legislative Initiatives Resulting from Supreme Court Decision on Abortion


Last month, OSMA sent a communication out to all our members after the Dobbs decision that highlighted our current policies on abortion related issues and our advocacy at that time. Our Government Relations team and OSMA leadership wanted to reaffirm for you that OSMA is focusing our efforts on legislative initiatives that are currently pending (or may be forthcoming in the future) as a result of the Dobbs decision.

We now seek to connect with numerous specialties to get a deeper understanding of the overall impact and potential clinical and medical ramifications of these legislative initiatives. We hope to gather useful information from physicians from many different specialties all over the state, which our Advocacy team can then use when discussing the specifics of these proposals with elected officials.

We would appreciate any knowledge and information on the impact that some of these bills will have on your day-to-day practice and ability to provide care to your patients. OSMA has already heard some concerns from physicians across several specialties, and we plan on meeting with key elected officials in the coming weeks to make sure your voices are heard.

If you would like to offer insights on the impact of these legislative initiatives on your practice/specialty, please email us at

This is a global medical issue, which will have significant and broad implications, and OSMA wants to demonstrate to elected officials that the impact goes beyond the specific issue of abortion.

OSMA will keep our membership informed about this issue in the coming months, as this will continue to be a priority for our organization.


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