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National Physician Suicide Awareness Information


National Suicide Prevention Week (Sept.10 –Sept. 16) is meant to help create awareness about one of the leading causes of death and highlight resources and opportunities available so each of us can help save lives. The week concludes on Sept. 17, with National Physician Suicide Awareness Day focusing on what all of us can do to prevent physician suicide.

OSMA is partnering with Disappearing Doctors to cohost an event The Disposables—an original collection of portraits honoring the 400+ physicians who die by suicide each year. The Disposables—created by artist Jeremy Rosario—depicts handcrafted portraits made from donated disposable medical supplies from doctors’ workplaces.

The portraits will be on display for public viewing at the COhatch The Gateway starting on Monday Sept. 18 through Oct. 20 (Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm).

After the display concludes in Columbus, we hope that it will be available in other parts of Ohio and the country. Learn more at these press releases: 


Learn other ways you can help and participate in National Physician Suicide Awareness Day at


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