Telehealth FAQ

Disclaimer: These FAQ’s are based on the rules in effect only for the duration of the COVID-19 emergency. They are for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as authoritative legal or consultative advice. Also, the emergency rules are subject to change based on fluid developments concerning the coronavirus.

Technology, Process & General Telehealth

Is there a limit to how many telehealth services one patient/client can have in a day?

Can I prescribe buprenorphine using telehealth?

What are the new CMS requirements regarding physician supervision?

Can you bill critical care via telehealth?

Are there limitations on where patients and practitioners can be located when telehealth services are delivered?

Can I send a text link to a patient/client to set up a telehealth visit?

Explain provider location and licensing - CMS Update as of 4/9/2020

How do we obtain consent for our MH/BH services?

Can a provider complete telehealth visits from their home using remote access to the patients chart?

How do I get consent when not in person?

Documentation & Coding

Is Medicare telephone (audio only) telehealth E&M permitted?

Can Community Mental Health Centers (CMHC) provide services via telehealth?

Can staff time gathering information prior to the telehealth visit be included with the provider time for the E&M service or other time based services?

Is Incident To services billable using telehealth?

How do you code if a patient refuses the video but accepts the phone visit?

For patients in Assisted Living, Independent Living, Nursing Home, Skilled or home, do we use Modifier GT and 95?

Can TCM (Transitional Care Management) services be provided through telemedicine?

Can the staff call the patient—prior to the provider—to provide informed consent information, obtain demographics, and items such as address as well as identify the call process?

Are Commercial payers accepting 99441-99443?

Ohio Medicaid

Can Medicaid providers bill an E&M Level 3 or 4 code for a telehealth phone visit?

With Medicaid, can we bill psychotherapy 90834 using telehealth services?

What is the Place of Service for telehealth services?

When billing a Medicaid telephone telehealth call, do you use the same code as you would for Medicare with the 99441-99443 or G2012?

Telehealth Vendors & Resources

There are many questions at all levels of telehealth services and it takes time to thoroughly explore all the options. Just as the OSMA believes there is not a ‘one size fits all’ choice for an electronic health record (EHR) system for all practices, we believe the choice for choosing a telehealth vendor is at the discretion of each practice. The list below provides information entirely self-reported by vendors and has not been confirmed or vetted in any way by the Ohio State Medical Association. When looking for a telehealth option we suggest that you work closely with your EHR vendor.




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