Daily Summaries

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Friday, April 9

OSMA’s first-ever completely virtual Annual Meeting and House of Delegates kicked off on Friday evening with a keynote speech from Governor Mike DeWine, who took the opportunity to thank OSMA physician members for their service to patients as well as their counsel and leadership throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. After an update from the Governor on the current state of the pandemic in Ohio and the continued vaccine rollout, outgoing OSMA President Dr. Anthony Armstrong gave his farewell address. Dr. Armstrong reflected upon his term as president which started just as COVID-19 arrived in Ohio, and his service as a part of Gov. DeWine’s COVID-19 Minority Health Strike Force. After Dr. Armstrong’s address, Dr. Andy Thomas gave a 2021 Budget and Financial Update as OSMA’s Treasurer. Then it was announced that the OSMA Foundation is being re-launched with a short video presentation by Immediate Past President, Dr. Susan Hubbell.

Dr. Hubbell was introduced and took the podium where she shared her reflections upon the past 3 years since she was elected, and her optimism for OSMA’s future as we move forward. At the conclusion of Dr. Hubbell’s address, it was time for the Inauguration of the new OSMA president. Dr. Hubbell administered the oath of office to Dr. Lisa Egbert, who is now officially your new OSMA President. Dr. Egbert shared a brief inaugural address with the HOD in appreciation of her new role, reflecting upon both her career as a physician in Ohio and her involvement in OSMA and organized medicine since her first year of medical school.

Dr. Egbert finished with a hopeful outlook for the coming Annual Meeting weekend and reminders for the HOD proceedings beginning Saturday morning.

Saturday, April 10

OSMA had an extremely productive day of policy work on Saturday, beginning with the opening session of the House of Delegates at 8am. Once the HOD established a quorum, members kicked off the business at hand with a series of elections, all uncontested and determined via acclimation, including the election of Brian J. Santin, MD as OSMA President-Elect.

Resolution Committee #1 began its open hearing just after 8:30, and once all testimony was complete the committee went into closed session. At 11:30, OSMA held a legislative update over lunch with Monica Hueckel, OSMA Senior Director of Government Relations and Joe Rosato, OSMA Director of Government Affairs providing information on OSMA’s current advocacy efforts, and a call to support the OSMAPAC.

After lunch, Resolution Committee #2’s open hearing started at 12:30pm. Once all testimony was complete, the committee went into its closed session, and Resolution Committee #3 started its open hearing slightly ahead of schedule at 2pm. Closed session began at 3:30pm. Once all reports were complete and approved by Committee chairs, the reports were made available to the OSMA HOD online for review before Sunday’s session.

Sunday, April 11

The final day of the OSMA's virtual Annual Meeting started off at 10am Sunday with the opening of the House of Delegates. Outstanding election results were shared for At-Large Councilor positions, and then the House began the resolution work. Resolution Committee 1 consent calendar was adopted with the exception of two extractions, which were pulled from the calendar for further discussion. Both were further amended by vote of the House and then accepted as amended. Resolution Committee 2’s consent calendar was then adopted, also with the exception of two extractions. One of those extractions was referred to OSMA Council by the House, and the House held some intensive discussion about the other resolution, which was ultimately put on hold until after the business of Resolution Committee 3.

Five resolutions were extracted from Resolution Committee 3’s consent calendar, and the House spent time working on amendments for several of these. As for the other extractions, the House voted in opposition to motions to refer them to OSMA Council and they were adopted as originally amended by the Resolution Committee. Once the amendments were made and accepted by the House for those items from Resolution Committee 3, the House returned to the final item from Resolution Committee 2 and hashed out the remaining details, thus concluding the business of the HOD for OSMA’s 2021 Annual Meeting.Watch for updated final reports and election results later this week.

Other Happenings